Tech Report


by Dave & Vincent Harrell

Hello and welcome to this week’s tech report! We regret to inform you that this will not be the full Dual Sport Report this week due to the fact that we did not go riding last week. Although we do look forward to going out this week with all the rain we have had recently. This week’s tech report will be focusing on items you probably should have on a ride but do not carry. This is a list of very simple items that could make a huge difference when the need arises.
The first items on the list are safety items such as a first aid kit with an assortment of band aids, visine to get dirt out of your eyes, chapstick, poison oak soap, and ibuprofen. The second set of items are survival items such as: waterproof matches, women’s tampon (to start fires), a space blanket, power bar, water, cell phone, credit card, drivers license, a small flashlight, extra batteries for your GPS and a small map of the area. The third item is for when nature calls when you’re in nature and that is toilet paper. The last item we strongly suggest is helicopter insurance. We know it sound extreme, but it costs only about $50 a year for two people and can save you up to $50,000. If you ever need it, it could be a lifesaver. Once again thank you for your time and I hope this week’s tech report was helpful and we will have a full dual sport report next week.

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