Tech report


By Dave & Vincent Harrell

Edited by Nicholas White

Don’t let this happen to you. Have you ever had a bike, or car, or any sort of vehicle that you brag to all your buddies about how low maintenance it is? Well that’s what I thought about my DRZ 400, which did work great until well after 20 thousand miles. That’s when I realized I was wrong and that my swing arm and linkage were shot, total rust buckets. After much pounding, making special pullers, and $$$$$$ I was finally able to repair everything.

 I guess the moral to the story would be, do some simple preventative maintenance that really doesn’t take that long. That maintenance would be to take the steering head bearing out, clean and re-grease it. Additionally you would also want to take out the swing arm and linkage bearing and do the same process with those. From now on my steering head, linkage and swing arm bearings will be serviced every five thousand miles. We would advise that you also do it no matter the brand of bike or level of rider.

I hope this was helpful and thank you for reading this edition of the tech report.

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