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Thanks Dave & Barbara,

That was the most fun I have had on a motorcycle in 10+ years. Barb you put me with the perfect speed and ability and fun bunch of guys. They helped me get out the water of my bike when I tipped over in the 3rd creek crossing by standing it on the rear wheel and running the starter. After I squeezed a quart of water on of the air filter and it started we all laughed about it. I think at some time it has or will happen to them, I just consider it part of the adventure. I didn’t mind the dust at all and I was at the tail of the group. I really want to learn to navigate so I can help out buy leading some.

I would personally like to thank the guys I rode with, I told them I would ride with them any time and they responded that they would too.

You can post this on your blog if you want. Also I need some help on what type of GPS with be the most inexpensive and compatible with what ever system you guys use to get out the information to the riders that have to load the information. Augie said to get the biggest screen available, but I am only half as blind as he is…LOL

Thanks again and I am planning on your Twain Harte Ride,

To Me
Mar 23 at 1:42 PM
Awesome route this Saturday. Thanks for all you do.

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and Dave for the great ride this weekend. As usual the tracks and route maps were spot on giving us an enjoyable day on some super terrain.

Hi Barbara,

Just wanted to say thank you again for putting on such a fantastic ride. All three of us really appreciate your efforts to make these rides challenging yet fun and safe. Looking forward to the Tahoe ride and many more like them. Take care.



Just wanted to send along a thank you note for a great ride this weekend. All the rides at Greely Hill have been really good and it was fun to tie all of the stuff together on one last ride. At least it seemed like all the stuff…

As usual, it was an excellent mix of single track, two track, dirt roads and good scenery along with good friends.

The two of you are really making me think about converting from riding family enduros to doing more of your dual sport rides. I can imagine the amount of effort that it takes to lay out a course and then put all the sections together with a roll chart. Your hard work is much appreciated by all of us VTR riders.

I’m so glad Richard talked us into going on one of these rides a while back. It has been nothing but fun.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming rides.


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